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Indigente (Interactive Digital Entertainment) is a games research and development  team based at UFBA that has as main objectives (1) conduct basic research to create algorithms, techniques and tools that support the development of 3D games, (2) develop electronic games and (3) promote the interests of the local academic community to the area of electronic games.

The main results of the group are: award in independent games festivals (1st place SBGames in 2004 and 3r. In 2006), development of 3D game engine (in development), in addition to articles, posters and demonstrations in several events scientific and extension. The tean intends to work to become a reference in the development of games in Bahia and, perhaps, in Brazil, addressing the issue on the prospects for scientific research and technological innovation, involving several sub-areas of computing and interacting with other areas of knowledge ( Physics, Mathematics, Education, for example).

Brief History.

Lovers of games, some students of the course of Computer Science, Federal University of Bahia decided in April 2004, forming a tean to research and develop electronic games. Thus was born the group Indigente, an entrepreneurial initiative in the development of electronic games in Bahia. With much dedication and autonomy, in a short time, the team Indigente obtained important results, arousing the interest of other students in the course of Computer Science as well as teachers and researchers UFBA to the theme of "electronic games." In 2006, the group Indigente began to interact with researchers in the field of Education, with the goal of developing educational games.